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Amp Up the Weekend with Musical Experiences At Home Main Photo

Amp Up the Weekend with Musical Experiences At Home

Posted: July 16, 2020 by Chloe DeLuca

With many of us still staying home for Nevada, we're highlighting incredibly fun ways to amp up your weekend at home with MUSIC! In this week's Weekend Buzz, you'll find a few suggestions of family-friendly activities that will truly be enhanced by your favorite tunes. If you're looking for an enjoyable way to pass the time this weekend, take advantage of one (or all) of these musical experiences.

If you're really missing live music performances, why not sit in on a free live stream from home. It's practically like being there without even getting off the couch. CherDishwalla, and Scorpions are a few favorites happening this weekend. Search Facebook Events for weekly live streams available.

The perfect pairing with any dish is a dash of your favorite tunes! One fun way to spend the weekend could be to whip up a tasty meal that has everyone begging for an encore. Turn on your go-to playlist and join along as Las Vegas local and celebrity chef Giada Valenti cooks live from her kitchen.

The magic of music will soothe any jangled nerves. Try meditating to relaxing meditation music softly playing or find your zen with the Calm app

There are tons of ways to get moving, but not much beats blasting jams to pump you up! Not only can cheerful songs get you energized and active, they can also make you feel happy and alert. Does your favorite music have these effects on you? Learn more about the effects of music.

Even if only for the weekend and socially distanced, challenging your family and friends to a musical collaboration would be an experience you won't soon forget. From air guitar and pots and pans to the real deal, pick an instrument and put on a show in your living room, or host a musical Zoom party with loved ones. Here are a few tips for sharing a music experience on Zoom.

Rock docs and films about beloved musicians are a-plenty! Check out Rolling Stone's 40 Greatest Rock Documentaries.

Sing, dance, laugh, and have an amazing weekend! 

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