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A Method to Hedge Home Prices or Gain Exposure on the Upside
Posted by John McClelland on September 14, 2012 in No Category
The CBOE has a futures contract based on Radarlogic's RPX indices. This product is starting to gain interest as one investor bought 26,490 contracts. From John Angelos at the CBOE: http://communities.cboe.com/t5/What-s-On-Our-Minds/An-Overveiw-on-RPX-a-Residential-Real-Estate-Home-Price-Futures/ba-p/3199?goback=%2Egde_1128757_member_135864601    ... read more
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Should Start-ups Come to Las Vegas

There are several good reasons. More from Tony Hsieh
Posted by John McClelland on September 14, 2012 in No Category




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Norway’s Real Estate Agents Join Calls for Higher Rates

Trying to prevent a property bubble from bursting
Posted by John McClelland on September 04, 2012 in No Category
This is an interesting article from Bloomberg. Home prices have been on a tear in Norway and many do not want to see a replication of other bubble markets like Japan, U.S, Ireland and Spain.   http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-09-03/norway-s-real-estate-agents-join-calls-for-higher-rates   However, the caveat is how one can produce a "soft landing." Most of the time bubble are not deflated little by little, but with a crash.... read more
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